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Hall Closure

March 20, 2020 by Juetron | 0 comments

Hall Closure

Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close the hall.



As such, from FRIDAY 20th MARCH the hall will be close until further notice.


This is following government guidance to try and reduce social contact and limit the spread of the infection, particularly to our elderly and vulnerable groups. 

Please see our Facebook page or website for any updates during this period. If you have already made a booking with us, you should be contacted. Please be patient as we will try and deal with the queries in booking date order. Please bear with us if we do not respond to queries as quickly as normal. 


Alternatively contact us via:

Email: UVHBookings@upperthong.org.uk 

Phone: 07807 595210

Many thanks for your continued support of the hall, Upperthong Village Hall Committee

Upperthong Village Hall Committee is Always Recruiting

October 20, 2015 by Juetron | 0 comments

The Upperthong Village Hall is a special place where many of us come together to celebrate birthday parties, christenings, comedy nights, pantos, discos, bands and a plethora of local groups  (Brownies, Yoga, Art….)

The Village Hall needs a fresh intake of committee members or we face the likely reality of not having a thriving village hall at the heart of our community.

Just like our homes, the Village Hall costs money to stay open. Heating, insurance, maintenance and other bills need to be paid. The Village Hall committee organise events to raise money to keep the hall open.

We also organise the Upperthong Big Thong Ender mainly to bring the community together to celebrate the wonderful place in which we live. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make a great deal of money !!!.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the traditional Sunday activities (aka the Gala) for 2016 as we do not have enough helpers to organise the event, man the many stalls and do the other 101  jobs that are required.

We had a successful recruitment drive 3 years ago. But for a variety of personal and family reasons (and with heavy hearts) a few committee members have had to move on.

Our regular monthly meetings are informal and lighthearted. We are certainly not dullards, we like a laugh and have one.

Interested?? Come along to a regular meeting

The more people who volunteer and help the less we all have to do. Please support your community and give a little back by joining the Village Hall committee.

Upperthong Village Hall
Needs helpers, large or small.

Without help nowt will occur,
The hall too could be gone in a year.

Sorry there’s no gala next year,
Too few hands to organise the beer.

If more Upperthong folk could provide a hand,
You may again hear the gala band.

Upperthong Village could lose its hall,
Painful like Jagger splitting with Jerry Hall.

Life without a hall at the heart,
Means no home for the brownies for a start.

No place to party, see a pantomime,
No Christmas Carols, no bell will chime.

No place for UNDO to vent their dismay,
No place for toddlers to come, meet and play.

If only locals could give some time,
Our village hall would be fine.

Just some more hands to keep it for years.
Our meetings are fun as we drink a few beers.

Come and join us at our AGM,
Or the hall could close and never open again.

Welly Wanging World Champions

October 1, 2012 by Juetron | 0 comments

A little bit late but we’ve had some technical problems. Here are your Welly Wanging World Champions for 2012 – 2013.

Men – Tim Nield
The mens welly wang was fiercely competitive with the final throw by Tim extending the best throw to 48yards 2 foot 3 and a half inches. In fact it went outside the boundry of the throwing area – we’ll have to extend that for next year.

Ladies – Pauline Hazleden
The furthest throw stood unchallenged virtually all day, until Pauline stepped up at the closing moments and threw the winning wang. 24 yards 2 foot 6 inches.

Girls ( u14) – Amy Broomhead
Probably one of the shocks of the day. Amy threw a very respectable 23yards 1 foot 7 inches and proving that whilst muscle helps it is technique that will win you the title of World Champion.

Boys ( u14) – Sam Hobson
Another hotly fought competion saw Sam Hobson eventually throw a welly 29 yards 7 inches exactly.

If you think you can do better then make a note in your calendar next year to come along to the Upperthong Gala. You’ll have as many throws as your pocket money will stretch to become the next World Champion. Afterall, how many chances do you get to become a World Champion without having to dedicate your entire life to training, eating museli and wearing really tight shorts.




Welly Wanging World Championship

June 24, 2012 by Juetron | 0 comments

Sunday 24th June, 2012
The pinnacle of all sporting events in the 2012. Okay, maybe not as big as the Olympics. But in the world of village sports and pastimes it reigns supreme. How often do you get the chance to become a World Champion. All to play for at the Upperthong Gala event.


June 10, 2012 by Juetron | 0 comments

Just added a new Gallery to the Upperthong Village Website. Early days yet, but it’s a start and nice to get some pictures of our village up for show. If anyone is a budding photographer and wants to showcase any pictures they may have of Upperthong, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to add host them for all to see…

Check out the Gallery pages using the top menu on the homepage or click here.