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2015 – Welly Wanging World Championship – Results


What a cracker of a World Championships we had this year!! The weather didn’t let us down again either with very high winds threatening to destory all gazebos and gala tents. The wind made early throwing technically challenging as you had to throw the welly into the wind in the hope/expectation that it would be blown into the legal landing area!!

It’s usually the mens category that heats up to a highly competitive dual between the strongest two blokes. But, every category was fiercely fought right down to the  last welly throw.

U14 Girls – Bethany Casson

The U14 girls furthest throw slowly marched backwards for the first few hours.  Until Elise Sayers threw a huge throw that looked like a sure winner. Not  content, she had a further few go’s and managed to inch out even more distance.  Then the current U14 Girls World Champion had a go and took the lead by a small  margin. That started a tit for tat ‘throw off’ that ultimately saw Bethany Casson retain the title by a short boot length throwing the welly 27.50m.  Sparks were flying by the end !!

Beth in action.

U14 Boys – Charles Morley

The U15 boys competition got off to a relatively slow start until the current  U14 World Champ, Joe Mitchell casually threw a monster throw that looked  completely unbeatable. It stayed the longest throw until the last hour when  cheered on by his family, Charles Morley knocked out a wang that even surpassed  the furthest ladies throw. Joe tried his hardest to take the lead but just couldn’t quite match the arm of Charles who managed a distance of 30.70m.

Ladies – Anne Mitchell

Unusually, the opening throw for the ladies competition was impressive – proving again that technique counts for more than the blunt force 5’3” and 7.5 stones of muscle can generate. The throw stood well into the late afternoon as all comers fell short of the mark. It was only when the 2012 and 2013 Ladies World Champions had a go that the distance was bettered. They traded shots until Annie Mitchell put down a belter to reach 28.20m to take the 2015 title.

Mens – Adam Taylor

It was certainly a demonstration of male testosterone as bloke after bloke stepped up to challenge the furthest throw of the day. Time after time, the mens marker moved backwards bit by bit, inch by inch. We saw a number of widely different techniques including a brand new ‘baseball’ swing that worked brilliantly if the welly caught the wind at the right time and angle. We also had a spectacular ‘helicopter’ throw that was surprisingly accurate and powerful. But it was the straight talking, no messing over arm throw from Adam Taylor that absolutely smashed the competition. He is seemingly unstoppable at Welly Wanging with no-one really coming close to beating his final and furthest throw of the day of a massive 43.50m. That’s 3 times on the trot for Adam now !!

Adam Taylor smashing out the big one. Look at those eyes !!!

Lifetime Award – Tim Nield

For dominating over the years, Tim Nield was awarded a Lifetime Acheivement award for his Welly Wanging work.

Tim Nield


Massive thanks to our title sponsor for 2015, Wynsors World of Shoes, who helped to make this year the biggest and best competition so far. The trophies, especially, were an awesome touch. We even had representatives of Wynsors here on the day wanging wellies with the best of them !!


Team Wynsors


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2015 Welly Wanging World Championships


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