Upperthong Village

Welly Wanging World Champions


A little bit late but we’ve had some technical problems. Here are your Welly Wanging World Champions for 2012 – 2013.

Men – Tim Nield
The mens welly wang was fiercely competitive with the final throw by Tim extending the best throw to 48yards 2 foot 3 and a half inches. In fact it went outside the boundry of the throwing area – we’ll have to extend that for next year.

Ladies – Pauline Hazleden
The furthest throw stood unchallenged virtually all day, until Pauline stepped up at the closing moments and threw the winning wang. 24 yards 2 foot 6 inches.

Girls ( u14) – Amy Broomhead
Probably one of the shocks of the day. Amy threw a very respectable 23yards 1 foot 7 inches and proving that whilst muscle helps it is technique that will win you the title of World Champion.

Boys ( u14) – Sam Hobson
Another hotly fought competion saw Sam Hobson eventually throw a welly 29 yards 7 inches exactly.

If you think you can do better then make a note in your calendar next year to come along to the Upperthong Gala. You’ll have as many throws as your pocket money will stretch to become the next World Champion. Afterall, how many chances do you get to become a World Champion without having to dedicate your entire life to training, eating museli and wearing really tight shorts.




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